Hillary Clinton Defends Her Health to Jimmy Kimmel

During a fundraising swing through L.A., Hillary Clinton made her third appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live as a 2016 presidential candidate. He made her open a pickle jar.


The last time Hillary Clinton stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, she was still battling it out with Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination and Donald Trump still had Ted Cruz and, to a much lesser degree, John Kasich, to worry about. Five months later, with a more unified base behind her and a solid lead in almost every battleground state poll, Clinton had nothing to do but come out swinging against her Republican opponent.

Clinton hasnt held a proper press conference with political reporters in more than 260 days, but this was her third time sitting next to Jimmy Kimmel since she became a 2016 candidate for president. But while Kimmel may be a friendlier interviewer than some, the questions about her trustworthiness came before she even emerged on the stage. During a Lie Witness News segment that preceded her appearance, Los Angeles pedestrians weighed in on a big announcement she hadnt made earlier that day, deeming it mostly full of lies.

Who would have guessed this audience would be so enthusiastic about the co-founder of ISIS? Kimmel asked Clinton after the applause died down. Laughing and calling that particular accusation one of the crazier things thats been said this campaign, Clinton said she doesnt get upset anymore about the things Trump says because Id be upset all the time. But on a more serious note, she said that type of rhetoric is harmful because it actually helps terrorists.

Originally found athttp://www.thedailybeast.com

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Hillary Clinton Defends Her Health to Jimmy Kimmel

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