7 Common Sleep Habits That Are Sending Serious Signals About Your Health

With weekend plans, work stresses, and relationships being kept alive, there is always something preventing us from having a night of soundsleep.

Adults are advised by doctors to get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but most of us don’t act as if that’s an important rule to abide by.

However,sleep is connected tomuch more than our energy levels.It can reveal secrets toour moods and our health in ways wemight not expect.

Scroll through below for a look at 7 common sleep habits that are sending serious signals about our health.

If you’re having sleep troubles, it’s necessary for the sake of your health to find out the root of them. Who knew that certain sleep habits could signal something serious like an infection or athyroid problem?

Below we’ve tried to finally explain what’s really behind each of those habitsso that you can find a solution and get to sleep soon!

Habit #1: You Could Sleep 12+ Hours Without Your Alarm Clock


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You could have an infection or underactive thyroid.

Hypothyroidism is commonly found in women over 60, and can go unnoticed because it’s symptoms can often be attributed toaging. Those symptoms include weight gain, fatigue, and the ability to maintain your body’s metabolism.

If it’s not that and you think it could be an infection instead, this habit likely won’t last very long.

Habit #2: You Wake Up At The Same Time Every Morning, No Matter What Time You Go To Sleep


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This could indicatesomething calledcircadian rhythm disorder.

That’s what your sleep schedule is driven by. If you’re constantly waking up earlier than you want to, you’re most likely going to sleep earlier too.

You’re throwing off your real-life sleeping needs with this early, unwanted internal alarm. According to Prevention,Taking melatonin and restricting artificial lights when you wake up are effective treatments for circadian rhythm disorders.”

Habit #3: You Wake Up Tired Every Morning


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Sleep apnea or depression could cause this one.

Sleep apnea affects your ability to breathe effectively in your sleep. This affects30 million Americans, not including the many undiagnosed cases. This so commonly goes undiagnosed because your sleep apnea will disrupt you all night, but not enough to wake you to notice it.

Depression is another possible reason for constant tiredness. Depression affects your mood and leaves you lethargic. Talking to a therapist could help you.

Habit #4: You Cant Sleep Without TV


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Watching TV every night can be a sign thatyour stresses, worries, or thoughts have been taking over.

This might be a routine that you think helps you unwind, but it can actually increase stress hormones according to Prevention.

Sleeping in a dark quiet room after unwinding with a calming technique will leave you with a sounder sleep.

Habit #5: You Wake Up And Cant Go Back To Sleep


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Restless leg syndrome can be keeping you up at night without even knowing it.

This can happen if you have abnormalities within your brain chemicals, but it can be easily fixed with prescriptions from your doctor.

It’s important to be tested for something like this because it can be linked to heart attack or stroke, along with sleep apnea.

Habit #6: Youre Constantly In The Bathroom Or Fridge


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Sleepwalking and REM Behavior Disorder might be making you run to the fridgeor the bathroom at night.

Sleepwalkingcan get scary, and can mean that your brain might not be able to control it’s muscles.

Some people leave their house and are found in the streets, but if you’re just eating an extra cupcake every night, you needn’tworry too much.

REMBD is basically a medical term for acting out your dreams, that can lead to more dangerous behavior sometimes, like getting wrongfully physical with someone sleeping next to you. This requiresmore of a psychological fix.

Habit #7: Youre Always Tossing And Turning


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Instead of the first, under-active thyroid, this could be an overactive thyroid.

This can do the opposite of the first, making you experience immense weight loss.

If you’ve just watched a movie or are experiencing anxiety from something in your life, this could happen temporarily. But if it’s more permanent, check with your doctor forhelp.

Knowing the health causesbehind each ofyour bad sleep habits can help you to stop them from happening at all.

Read more: http://www.littlethings.com/sleeping-habit-health/

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7 Common Sleep Habits That Are Sending Serious Signals About Your Health

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