Gloria Steinem Slams Trumps Mental Health: Its Donald Who Should Be Hospitalized

The feminist icon sat down with Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman on Chelsea to discuss the Trump camps obsession with Hillary Clintons physical fitness.


The speculation gained steam on Infowars, the conspiracy theorist website run by Alex Jonesa noted 9/11 truther who believes the slain Sandy Hook children were actors. On Aug. 4, they ran a story claiming the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was in poor health, having seizures even while in public. A flurry of stories by her opponent Donald Trumps favorite propaganda rag The National Enquirer (sorry, Breitbart) followed, and before long Trump himself, whos repeated many a claim that originated on Infowars and the Enquirer, addressed the manufactured controversy in a speech in Ohio in late August: [Hillary] lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS and all of the many adversaries we face.

So, when Hillary Clinton nearly fainted at the 9/11 Memorial, all the evidence-free gossip that had been spread by Infowars, the Enquirer, and their No. 1 fanDonald Trumpfinally bubbled to the surface. Of course, it was only walking pneumonia. But its pretty diabolical, isnt it? An obese 70-year-old man who eats almost exclusively fast food calling into question the physical fitness of a woman two years his junior who does yoga, thus forcing her to adopt a grin and bear it approach with any and all illnesses until one inevitably overcomes her. Anyway, this whole silly Mean Girls-esque charade (more policy, please?) prompted Hillary to publicly release a detailed letter from her doctor giving the all-clear, and Trump to show his records (cooked up by this space cadet) to fellow snake oil salesman Dr. Oz.

Enter feminist icon Gloria Steinem. On Thursday morning, the 82-year-old appeared on Chelsea Handlers Netflix talk show Chelsea to discuss all the health hullabaloo.

Its Donald who should be hospitalized, not elected [president], declared Steinem, a fervent Hillary supporter.

You know what? Ive had walking pneumonia and you dont necessarily know that you have it, I mean you just get exhausted, she added. First we punish [Hillary] for being too vulnerable to be president and then we punish her for being not vulnerable enough. Its so frustrating. I cant bear it. I really cant bear it.

I mean, we werent for Sarah Palin because she was a woman. Hello! Its not about biology. Its about people who stand for the majority dreams and concerns and so on. And if they also have the experience of walking around for a lifetime as an African-American person, a female person, a gay or lesbian, it helpsbecause they can empathize. But its the representation and the issues that come first.

When Handler asked whether age should play a factor in who we choose as presidentour current POTUS, Barack Obama, was elected at age 47 and Reagan was elected at nearly 70, while the average age of past presidents is 54 years and 11 monthsSteinem politely shook her head.  

No, not necessarily, she said. I think [mental] health and sanity plays a factor, which is why we dont need Trump.

Steinem was joined on the Chelsea couch by Sarah Silverman, who delivered a well-received (and partly improvised) speech at this years Democratic National Convention, telling the Bernie or Bust crowd: Youre being ridiculous.

That was just in the moment, she said of her DNC speech. I was saying it to the fringe, fundamentalistevery sect has this fringe-fundamentalist version that is bananas, you know? Thats the extreme. So there are these Bernie or Bust people that are anti-Hillary and are like, Bernie or nothing! Well, there is no nothing, like, whats your endgame?

Look, I love Bernie but most people who change the world are not the president, added Silverman. But lets get an ally in office to continue thisan ally of Bernies. Someone whos gonna listen to the revolution and feel the pressure of people speaking out. She does.

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Gloria Steinem Slams Trumps Mental Health: Its Donald Who Should Be Hospitalized

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