5 Natural Masks to Reduce Wrinkles

With the aging of the skin, wrinkles are beginning to appear. A very large number of women are applying different methods to mitigate or even eliminate bumps on the skin (which is quite difficult). Expensive creams can be helpful, but not everyone can afford them. So there are natural ingredients that are proven to be good competitors against the chemical creams. Here are five of the best masks that will help you reduce wrinkles.

  1. Honey

For a long time it is believed that many can help reduce wrinkles. The principle is very simple: wash your face with warm water, and then coat the critical area with honey. After about twenty minutes to half an hour, wash the face again with warm water. Repeat the treatment every day and you will notice the effects.

  1. Egg White

The egg is also very effective natural medication that helps to tighten the skin. Mix the egg white good, and using a sponge apply it on a previously cleaned face. Leave it to act and after fifteen minutes rinse it with lukewarm water and gently wipe the face with a dry cloth.5 Natural Masks to Reduce Wrinkles

  1. Milk Powder

Milk powder on the skin restores the necessary moisture. Mix four tablespoons of powdered milk, two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of warm water, and then apply the resulting mixture on a clean face. Then cover your face with a small cloth previously heated and soaked in hot water. After ten minutes, rinse with lukewarm water.

  1. Banana

Banana can be used as an excellent natural face mask. Mash two ripe bananas (you can use a blender because it is necessary to get a creamy consistency). Apply the mixture to a clean face and after half an hour, rinse with lukewarm water. And then gently wipe your face with a dry cloth.

  1. Cucumber

Cut the cucumber into thin circles than apply them on a clean face. The juice from the cucumber helps in minimizing and mitigating wrinkles, especially in the forehead. After about twenty minutes, rinse with lukewarm water.

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5 Natural Masks to Reduce Wrinkles

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