Samantha Bee Mocks Hillarys Health Scare, Proves Basket of Deplorables Right

The Full Frontal host returned from vacation Monday night just in time to weigh in on Hillary Clintons rough weekend.


Lets get right to the big news, Hillary Clinton has passed away, Samantha Bee said at the top of her first Full Frontal episode in weeks. And with that, she was off and running and reminding us how vital she is to this election cycle. She says shes not dead, but as we know she is a liar, the host joked.

After showing the latest poll numbers that see the gap closing between Clinton and Donald Trump, Bee said, Yay, were back within the margin of terror!

Come on, Hillary, God has given you the gift of opponents even less appealing than you, Bee said after breezing through a recap of what Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have been up to. Just keep your eyes on the prize and take that high road straight to the White House.

That declaration brought us to Clintons second-biggest scandal of the weekend: calling half of Trumps supporters deplorables.

No! Bad! Bee said. Swear to God, Hillary Clinton is the only woman I know who can trip over her own dick. What was that? Did your team just decide, hey, nothing else is working, why dont we try insulting Americans into voting for her?

While saying its true that Trumps rhetoric has inspired some bigots and mentally ill people to commit hate crimes and terrorize people of color, Bee wondered if it that group really amounts to half of all Trump supporters.

Then, in old school Daily Show fashion, she proceeded to quote multiple surveys that show 65 percent of Trump supporters believe President Obama is a Muslim, and 59 percent believe he was born outside the U.S. On top of that, 60 percent of the GOP candidates fans associate immigration with criminality, and nearly half believe African-Americans are more violent than whites.

OK, Bee concluded, We are going to need a bigger basket.

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Samantha Bee Mocks Hillarys Health Scare, Proves Basket of Deplorables Right

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