Couple Has An Extremely Unlikely Family

When David and Julie met, luck seemed in their favor. It was a blind date but it led to love, marriage and, eventually, a sizeable baby carriage. After their marriage in 2012, David and Julie tried for nearly two years to get pregnant before turning to fertility treatments. The St. George, Utah, couple really wanted a child of their own but instead they were blessed with triplets in March 2014. Unusually, two of the triplets are identical twins, which ended up causing a little scare in the womb. The twins developed a condition known as twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, a potentially deadly situation where one baby is receiving too much blood from the mother and the other not enough.

A successful surgery resolved that issue and Abraham, Brady and Christian were born healthy, if a little premature.

But this isn’t a story about those triplets. It’s about the unlikely surprise that awaited them seven months later.

David and Julie were smitten from the beginning.

They were happily surprised by the news of triplets, and Julie certainly rocked that baby bump.

The triplets overcame quite a bit in their earliest days but were clearly strong little troopers.

And David and Julie certainly had their hands full.

But their family wasn’t done growing, and without any further treatment, it only took a month of trying for this surprising result.

And not just a natural pregnancy, but twins! And girls! Emily and Eliza were born just a bit more than a year later.

We’re guessing the expression on that little guy’s face there is how his parents sometimes feel when faced with managing this many infants, but they still consider every single one a blessing.

At least birthdays will be pretty efficient.

Via: Little Things | Julie Gryglia

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Couple Has An Extremely Unlikely Family

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