There Are Finally Condoms For Men Who Claim They’re ‘Too Big’ For All The Others


A UK-based company has maximized pleasure during protected sex by way of custom condoms for a vast range of penis sizes, big and small.

TheyFit sells 95 different sizes of condomswith 14 different lengths and 12 widths.

Customer support agent Thomas Newman cites research taken over two-and-a-half years proving that, for many men, it’s the size of the condoms, not lubrication or thinness, that is stopping them from using protection.

If a guy says, for example, that he can’t feel anything during sex, it’s usually because the condom is too small.

To order the right size condom, a customer can simply go on TheyFit’s website and enter the length and circumference of an erect penis.

Accurate measurements are easy to produce thanks to the company’s FitKit, which can be printed on the website.

Once the information is entered, a condom that fits best is presented.

Dissatisfied customers can get their money back, but Newman told VICE that this almost never happens.

TheyFit’s products aren’t available in the US, however, as the company has not obtained approval from medical regulators but is actively pursuing this goal.

The Food and Drug Administration only allows the sale of condoms that are at least 6.29 inches long and up to 2.13 inches wide, according to VICE.

This is why even the biggest condoms in the US are just slightly larger than the standard size.

Newmantold VICE,

The real issue there is that if you’re a guy who genuinely needs a larger condom, you might go and try [Magnum], thinking it’s a larger condom, and have a bad time, and then just think that condoms are no good and that you can’t use them.

Here’s a short video explaining why TheyFit is essential for men everywhere.

via VICE,Photo Courtesy: TheyFit

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There Are Finally Condoms For Men Who Claim They’re ‘Too Big’ For All The Others

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