Definitive Proof That Robin Roberts Is A Goddess Among Us

1. To fully comprehend the perfection that is Robin Roberts, anchor of ABC’s morning show Good Morning America, you have to understand what makes this woman the goddess she is.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

2. Growing up in Mississippi, Roberts became a star college athlete and is now an esteemed member of the Woman’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

Good Morning America

3. After graduating from college, Roberts worked her way up through local news stations as a sports anchor.

4. She reported for ESPN for nearly 15 years before finally arriving at Good Morning America.

5. When Hurricane Katrina devastated her hometown in Mississippi, she worried that showing her true emotions on live television would mean losing her job.

6. Needless to say, she wasn’t fired.

7. She had proven that great reporting comes from making a personal connection with an audience.

9. She would pursue that philosophy of connection even further as she chose to share with the world her breast cancer diagnosis in 2007.

10. And, unbelievably, another serious diagnosis in 2012 of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a disease of the bone marrow.

11. She not only chose to share both her diagnoses, but also her journey through various difficult treatments.

13. Using her personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, she brought the nation along on her journey towards recovery.

14. The morning she announced her MDS diagnosis, there was a 1,800 percent spike in registered bone marrow donors on the Be A Match website.

15. Through the long ordeal, she never seemed to lose her strength and spirit.

16. After a medical leave of 174 days, her return to television gave GMA its best numbers since the morning after the presidential election.

17. She recently shared one more personal detail about her life, coming out and acknowledging her long-time girlfriend in a Facebook post.

Robin Marchant / Getty Images

18. Through her words and actions, she has become the epitome of inspiration.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

19. Not to mention a complete badass, constantly pushing others to achieve their dreams.

Daniel Zuchnik / WireImage

20. Her drop-dead-gorgeousness is simply her inner-beauty shining through.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

21. Most mere mortals can barely stand to be in her presence.

22. In a word, she is absolutely

23. Flawless.

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

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Definitive Proof That Robin Roberts Is A Goddess Among Us

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