Gonorrhea Could Soon Be Untreatable

TheUnited Kingdom’s chief medical officerhas sent a warning to all doctors that the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea could evolve to the point where it cannot be treated, returning humanity to the pre-penicillin era. Such an outcome can be delayed, and possibly prevented entirely, if doctors prescribe drugs correctly, Dame Sally Daviesclaimed. Sadly, this is not currently happening, at least not all the time.

It seems that just as medicine starts to make sex safe from one threat, another rises in its place. This is not entirely coincidental. The arrival of better treatments for HIV,at least in the developed world, may haveled to an increased number of people becoming blas about safer sex practices. This could explain thespiralingrates of diseases such as syphilis and chlamydia, particularly among a generation too young to remember when deaths from AIDS were common in the West.

For gonorrhea, increased opportunities for transmission are combining with the antibiotic resistance seen emergingacross many bacterial diseases. In March this year, an outbreak of drug-resistant gonorrhea was reportedin Leeds, with cases spreading to other north-England towns.

This is not the first time the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeaehas developed resistance to antibiotics. However, at one time, a variety of spare drugs existed that could be pressed into service when an old one no longer worked. Those days may soon be over, warn infectious disease specialists.

The recommended treatment for gonorrhea is to combine a ceftriaxone injection and an oral dose of azithromycin or doxycycline. This double hit of very different types of antibiotics almost always kills the bacterium, at least currently. Taking only one of the antibiotics opens up the danger of resistance appearing to first one drug and then the other.

Consequently, the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV were concerned to discover that online pharmacies wereoffering azithromycin on its own,while some doctors are prescribing obsolete antibiotics.

Most people infected with gonorrhea show no symptoms, although they can still transmit it. For those who experience symptoms, the most common are yellow or green genital discharge, bleeding between periods and pain during sex or urination. Rarer outcomes include a 20 percentincreasedrisk of prostate cancer, and blindness in children born with the disease.

In 2009, a strain of gonorrhea, called H041,was identified that was untreatable with all cephalosporin-class antibiotics, which includes ceftriaxone. However, only one case of H041 has been reported. Although cases of two other ceftriaxone-resistant strains have been published,it is clear that not every multidrug-resistant strain will spread wildly. Nevertheless, with 16 cases now known from the Leeds outbreak, warning signs are obvious.

The announcement that Truvada can prevent infection with HIV when used as a morning after drug has sparked concerns that people will become even more lax about condom use, opening the door to other diseases. These fears are debated,but haven’t been helped by poster campaigns apparently advocatingcondomless sex, as if HIV was the only threat.

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Gonorrhea Could Soon Be Untreatable

This Runner Got a Nosebleed and Became a Hilarious Meme

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This Runner Got a Nosebleed and Became a Hilarious Meme

9 Questions You Need To Answer Honestly Before You’re Ready To Get Married

Im knee deep in wedding planning. My kitchen table is used for seating charts, bridal magazines and business cards to florists and photographers. A table to be used for food? PUH-LEEZE.

If youre thinking of getting engaged soon, there are definitely some questions you should answer first. Itllhelp your marriage and strengthen it in the long run.

For fun, ask your partner these questions tonight. Make sure to write down your answers beforehand to see just how well you that guy youre considering spending your life with.

1. How many sexual partners have they had?

You should be able to comfortably talk about each others sexual past.

Lets face it: sex is a huge component in marriage and probably a huge reason for divorce. Talking about how many people youve been with is a gateway to being able to talk about your own sex life.

What do you like? What do you not get enough of? What kinds of kinky stuff do you want to try out?

2. What is the one thing they absolutely must accomplish in order to be happy?

My fianc knows that the one thing I definitely have to do before I die is publish a novel.

You want to know what goals they have and the timeline for achievingthem.

3. Did something tragic happen in their childhood?

Were they bullied in high school, or did their best friend pass away? Did they have some medical problem that caused them a lot of torment and heartache?

Understanding and talking about those pains you always keptto yourself makes your relationship stronger. It demonstrates unconditional love and support for your significant other when you can act as their sounding board.

4. How do they honestly feel about your friends?

Or, put another way: Will they ever give you a hard time hanging out with them?

5. What is their weakness when it comes to money?

Do they impulse shop? Do they not spend enough on regular household items like toilet paper?

Talking about your financial flaws can help you assesswhat will ultimately impactyou down the line.

6. Would they ever walk out of a job on principle?

If so, how would you need to pick up the pieces? Would you be okay doing so as long as your partner is happy and self-respected? Would an act like that ruin your trust in each other?

7. Why do they want to have a certain numberof children? Why dont they want to have any?

I grew up as an only child: my brother and sister are twenty years older than me.

They didnt live across the hall from me, so I missed out on that sibling relationship. My fianc grew up with a sister, and thats the reason he wants to have only two kids.

I grew up feeling alone which makes me want to have a huge family. We each understand where the other is coming from.

8. Why do you want to get married?

It may seem stupid, but if the answer is anything other than love, you may need to reevaluate.

9. What do you want to accomplish before you get married? Are you okay if you settle down and never reach that goal?

Seriously, this is vital. Resentment is a real thing. We all have our dreams and goals but getting married before you achieve them can be too much for some people.

Find out now and you could potentially save yourself from some major heartbreak in the future.

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9 Questions You Need To Answer Honestly Before You’re Ready To Get Married

New Nanoparticles Can Deliver Cancer Drugs And Monitor Release

Conventional cancer treatment can be brutal. While physicians do their best to target the cancer, chemotherapy and radiation often negatively affect healthy tissue as well. For nearly 30 years researchers have been seeking therapies that target the cancer cells specifically in order to minimize side effects. 


Recent advances in nanotechnology are allowing microscopic particles to directly administer medication to tumor cells. A new study from the University of New South Wales in Australia was published in ACS Nano and claims to have developed a nanoparticle that does not only deliver the drug, but can actively monitor its release. 


These nanoparticles, made from iron oxide, can track the process of medication delivery and monitor how it affects the cancer cells and surrounding healthy cells. This will allow physicians to understand how the treatment is affecting an individual and will allow them to alter treatment to best suit that patient’s needs. 


The drug release is monitored via fluorescent lifetime imaging (FLIM) which fluoresces depending on the conditions of molecular environment. While this technique has been around since the late 1980’s, it has never been successfully applied to drug release before this study. 


This study is important, as drug release is typically calculated using bench models, not actual cells. The results of this study allowed researchers to visualize what drug release movement looks like in an actual cellular environment.


Iron oxide nanoparticles have been the focus of research for quite some time as a contrast agent in MRI. Several groups have been attempting to place cancer-fighting drugs on the surface of the particles, but there had not been a way to confirm that the medications were effectively delivered to the intended target. This study encased the medication inside of the nanoparticles and was able to actually show that the chemotherapy was reaching the lung cancer cells.


Building off of the success of this study, the team will seek to move on to in vivo trials.

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New Nanoparticles Can Deliver Cancer Drugs And Monitor Release